Are You Looking For a Good Substance Abuse Counselor?

Stages of Change Counseling was established by Brooklyn Cyr, a Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with over 15 years of experience. Ms. Cyr is not only a substance abuse counselor, but a recovering addict as well, with over 15 years of continuous clean and sober living. Ms. Cyr began her career as a substance abuse counselor while working as an intern in a detox center and went on to work with youth in the juvenile justice system. Ms. Cyr then became a part of the treatment team that treated those seeking recovery on the VH1 production of Celebrity Rehab and Sober House. Areas served include: Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, Bel-Air, Encino, Culver City, West Hollywood, Century City and Sherman Oaks.

Addiction Counseling is the Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Addiction is a family disease. It is vital for families to become educated on the disease of addiction and for the family to participate in addiction counseling. At Stages of Change Counseling Center we offer addiction counseling for families every Sunday. This group is for loved ones and family members. The group is not meant to be punitive or intimidating, simply supportive and educational. It is not recommended to bring small children, but teens and young adults are appropriate and welcome. Out of town family members often participate. Addiction counseling is meant to help families heal from the disease of addiction.

How Can a Drug and Alcohol Counselor Help Me?

These days, finding a drug and alcohol counselor can be confusing. Ms. Cyr is a Licensed CA Drug and Alcohol Counselor through the credentialing body of CCAPP. Study after study shows trying to get clean and sober on your own is very difficult, if not nearly impossible. A drug and alcohol counselor can provide support, direction, education, family education and at Stages of Change Counseling Center there is an on-site psychiatrist to assist you with any medication management and psychiatric services you may need. Stages of Change provides counseling services for those with co-occurring disorders such as depression, anxiety and PTSD. Stages of Change provides drug treatment for teens and adults.

Facts About Drug and Alcohol Counseling

Statistics have shown that the longer one engages in drug and alcohol counseling, the better the outcome for long term sobriety. Statistics also show that the earlier one participates in drug and alcohol counseling the higher the success rate. Drug and alcohol counseling can be done on an outpatient basis as part of a step down plan from inpatient treatment or as a primary plan for those with mild to moderate substance use. Increase your odds of recovery by engaging in drug and alcohol counseling today, you don’t have to do it alone. Our groups are laid-back, easy going and non- judgmental.

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